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Food Storage 101
 Where do we Begin?

Food Reserves and Food Storage are your frontline solution to having some food available for First Responder use after short-term natural disasters, and in times of decreasing buying power, loss of income, etc.

The following reasons that people are Storing Food Supplies, food always has been, and is now and forever will be our greatest dependency as well as the most comforting source of Safety and Security for every human being on our planet.

As you plan your Food Storage Supply, ask yourself this question:

“What type of adversity could come into our lives which our Food Storage Supply could help us with?”

Here are some of the reasons people are Storing Food.

Job Loss: If you or your spouse lost a job, do you have enough Food Stored to help reduce your expenses while you are searching for a new job?

Medical Emergency: If a member of your family became seriously ill, do you have foods, and menus, that your family could easily prepare?

Power Outages: If you were without power for a week or two, do you have enough easy-to-prepare foods to get you by?

Major Natural Disaster: If a major natural disaster occurred and you had to campout at home, do you have some foods you could prepare outdoors? And do you have enough fuel or a way to cook foods for a few weeks?

Learn what you can do; 

Survival Food Storage
Efoods Global Press Release 11-2010

Efoods Global Director Steve Shenk ~ Food Storage MLM

For the last 27 years, Steve Shenk has been the director of eFoodsDirect, the premier nationwide supplier of bulk, high nutrition, low moisture foods, directly to the consumer. He is the foremost authority on agricultural projections, trends and conditions as they relate to food on the family dinner table.

Steve is an unbridled optimist on a mission to help people rediscover the spirit of rugged, self-reliance that made America strong. With his quick wit and charming, Minnesota, country-boy attitude, Steve will leave you and your readers believing that there's real hope for the future. The sons and daughters of the pioneers still have what it takes to make America "The land of the free and the home of the brave." The first step in becoming fearless of the worldwide famine is to have your own food. By getting a good supply of quality storable food a family can feed themselves tomorrow at yesterday's prices.

Survival Food Supplies

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