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Survival Food Stockpiling

How to start your Food Reserves for little or no money.

Survival Food Stockpiling

Why are so many people now focused on food independence and not just buying Gold and Silver for their financial future in the event of a collapse? 

Have you gone to bed hungry lately?   Hard to Imagine?  If you have never gone to bed hungry,  or can't remember it's been so long, maybe you should try fasting for one day and see how it feels.

In a real Food Crisis, food reserves will be more valuable than gold or silver. When you're hungry, gold or silver coins won't always help you, and the few people who have food may not be willing to trade for something which can't be easily converted.

 It seems like folks are starting to waking up to reality of some very dangerous market conditions ahead."

Survival experts also note that one of the real risks of the current food crisis is that consumers have become dependent on just-in-time delivery systems and retail stores that are hundreds or thousands of miles from food sources.

The current economic circumstances require that you should to have Personal Food Reserves at Home.
Food Independence not just for Your Family but your whole community. We need to be united in this crusade.

You must realize Stores have only an average of 72 hours of inventory on hand and very few families are capable of producing their own food, so even a temporary shortage of food supplies could be catastrophic.

Previous generations lived much closer to the food supply or grew their own vegetables and could therefore weather problems in the food distribution chain.

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Efoods Global Director Steve Shenk ~ Food Storage MLM

For the last 27 years, Steve Shenk has been the director of eFoodsDirect, the premier nationwide supplier of bulk, high nutrition, low moisture foods, directly to the consumer. He is the foremost authority on agricultural projections, trends and conditions as they relate to food on the family dinner table.

Steve is an unbridled optimist on a mission to help people rediscover the spirit of rugged, self-reliance that made America strong. With his quick wit and charming, Minnesota, country-boy attitude, Steve will leave you and your readers believing that there's real hope for the future. The sons and daughters of the pioneers still have what it takes to make America "The land of the free and the home of the brave." The first step in becoming fearless of the worldwide famine is to have your own food. By getting a good supply of quality storable food a family can feed themselves tomorrow at yesterday's prices.

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